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You created a lot of happiness with your presentation

Once again, thank you for your presentation. It created a lot of happiness for the rest of the meeting – and everybody was certainly inspired to improve communication, both at work and at home. I dropped by my mother on my way home and told her about your presentation and your Happiness Model. She immediately adopted it and suddenly realised that perhaps the neighbour’s shoes in the hallway don’t have to take up so much space in her mind, when that space could be used for something more positive.

Excellent, brilliant, super, and fantastic

Around 40 women of various ages had a fantastic, happy, and fruitful day with Karin, where she in varied ways – both indoors and out – gave us loads of inspiring input on the subject “Job Satisfaction”. Some of the comments on Karin’s course were: Excellent, brilliant, super, fantastic, and rewarding, and Karin herself is characterized as positive with a fantastic charm and an ability to involve everybody. It does not get any better than that – and being one of the participants I agree completely: Karin did an outstanding job!

A great jumpstart

I had brought together my managers for a meeting, where we would spend the day discussing the challenges we face because we have to develop, and at the same we are subject to strict financial frameworks. A challenge that requires a positive attitude and a great deal of motivation. At this occasion we had invited Karin Krogh to jumpstart us. Her thought-provoking and humorous talk gave us a fresh and motivating push to continue discussions about the future of the business.

Just do it!

Karin is a fantastic inspiration and fantastic on stage, a wonderful charisma. When you have listened to her presentation, you always leave with a sense of  ”How hard can it be to have a great, fun-filled work life?” – Just do it!

You are sucked in by Karin’s fantastic ‘green’ energy

For some time we have been working with ‘green lane’ (positive) and ‘black lane’ (negative) to improve our work environment. We chose to book Karin to tell us about job satisfaction/the Happiness Model. It almost goes without saying that Karin perfectly fitted the bill as speaker. Karin Krogh – her favourite colour is green – the colour of hope. Her presentation on job satisfaction is not really rocket science, but - as Karin rightly says - it’s a question of realising that we all have a choice. If you want to be grumpy, be grumpy, but where does that leave you? With more grumpiness. If you want to be happy, be happy and get more happiness. And who doesn’t want to be happy?

The way Karin gets her message across leaves everybody with the impression that they get to choose whether they want to be happy. Even if they can’t help it.

When you’re in the audience, a participant or anything else at Karin’s presentations, you’re sucked in by the fantastic ‘green’ energy and happiness that just radiates from Karin.

Just for the fun of it – and right up Karin’s alley – I can’t help but compare her commitment to the flu: contagious!

We are already looking forward to her next lecture.

Attentive and talented

Karin was really good. Simply just skilled, attentive, and involving.

The audience took home a lot of good laughs

Thank you so much for a fantastic and very entertaining lecture. With your energy and positive spirit you know how to get your message across in a really good and instructive way; at the same time, your audience takes home a lot of good laughs. I highly recommend you and your lecture ‘Expression –Impression – Imprint’.

Your ‘shot of happiness’ has lifted the mood

Thank you so much for last week! It was such a pleasure to have you and your talk at our event at Frederiksdal. The feedback has been unanimously positive! And your presentation has given rise to a few laughs around our department – many of us now refer to the Happiness Model with a smile and a twinkle in our eyes Thanks to you and your ‘shot of happiness’, we now have lots of smiles and good spirits every day.

Positive feedback from employees and managers

I would like to thank you for last week. The rest of the day was spent on group work with a focus on the everyday things that ‘promote’ and ‘hinder’ respectively, and on how to use our resources in the best possible way. I have a feeling that it was a really good idea that you came on just before the work was about to start. This called for a bit more openness and a more constructive approach. We have really gained a lot from your visit, and I have received positive feedback from several employees and managers. The Happiness Model has been implemented as both a work tool in the specialist groups and as decoration on our desks. Thank you for the material you sent; it will be passed on and used when we follow up on our workshop and in our future work on job satisfaction.

Take it from me: It works …

I primarily signed up for the event out of a sense of panic/distress; I was about to give a presentation for some people at work, at I have not faced anybody in that way since 2003 when I finished school. For me, this was quite a challenge! Your presentation was both entertaining and had concrete things that I could use. Since my presentation yesterday, I know that this works! I especially used ‘the fishing trip’ story to create a connection (I got the attention of the agricultural college students a couple of times), but I also used the trick of biting my tongue and thinking about my breath. I’m ready to get up in front of a crowd again, and I even look forward to it.

A fruitful day …

Expression – Impression – Imprint’ expertly deals with the many different facets that you need to consider when you give a presentation or just need to get up and quickly say a few words to a group of people. As well as giving us the benefit of her vast experience, Karin is really good at addressing the challenges that the students need sparring for. A fruitful day with lots of substance.

It gave us the incentive to work more with this area

Really catching personality! Karin really made us want to work more with this area. There is no doubt that this is an important area of our business. It makes a difference when you can get up and be professionally convincing and still be just a person …

One of the best instructors I have experienced

Karin has a natural, open and positive nature and guides everyone through with GREAT skill and humour. One of the best instructors I have experienced.

Karin is really brilliant

She is really a person who can operationalize what is in theory appreciative approach/behaviour. Karin shows this very often difficult exercise in an excellent way.

Educational, intense and humorous

Karin Krogh’s visit with Danish Business Women Dubai was educational, intense and humorous. Karin has the ability to engage participants at several levels to give everybody a really good experience. Even in just a couple of hours you really cover a lot of ground. Karin has so much useful advice, and you leave with a backpack full of useable tools that can be directly integrated into your daily routines.

Bubble bubble – we were happy when we left Karin’s workshop on creating joy in your work life

After that, we use the expression ‘Bubble’ – and we all know what it means. Every desk has its own Happiness Model, and I’ve noticed that everybody has a smile on their face when talking about the workshop. It was a great start to our 24-hour seminar, and it renewed our energy after a staggering year. Karin reaches our core – perhaps because she uses herself? It’s impossible not to trust her kind, trustworthy, and positive nature.

The Happiness Model hangs from my work lamp

The Happiness Model often gives me the ‘little kick’ I need to turn a tiresome or difficult situation into something positive. The Happiness Model hangs from my work lamp and gives rise to many a talk with colleagues about its message. I am just so pleased that I got to know it.

The Happiness Model is a positive kick in the butt

I like the Happiness Model. I see it as a positive kick in the butt that reminds me to take responsibility for my mood, actions and anything else that concerns me and my surroundings.

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