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1:1 coaching


Speakers’ Coaching

It is essential that you have a strong personal impact if you want success with what you are trying to achieve.

You must take responsibility for both the conscious and unconscious signals you send, as they affect the way you are perceived; this is an important skill for you to build.

Whether you want it or not, you will be judged from head to toe, and your performance is part and parcel of the impression that your audience gets about you and your company. You might use this coaching to learn how to give a lecture, how to make a speech or how to present yourself in a new way. But no matter what, nothing works as well as customised coaching! Everything is about you and what makes up your challenges. Together we will focus on strengthening you, your expression and your impression.

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KArin krogh

You will learn how to capture the attention of your audience and generate positive response.

KArin krogh

There will be a focus on how to gain the trust of your target group to open more doors and achieve even better results.

KArin krogh

You will learn to understand your own communication strengths and how to improve them by using efficient techniques.

KArin krogh

You will reach your inner power and learn how to use it to control and strengthen the impression you leave.

KArin krogh

You will learn how to structure and design your presentations with confidence, security and efficiency.

KArin krogh

You will identify areas with room for improvement and gain the strength and knowledge to overcome your challenges.

For individuals and for teams

Coaching can be for you alone or a mix of personal coaching and workshops together with your colleagues. You can then, in your day-to-day life, support each other in using your new knowledge.

This is how it works

Following a clarifying phone call, we start from what YOU need to move on with increased strength. Good communication is the basis of this coaching, and we will definitely touch upon body language, structure, status, and the signals you send. No matter what, you are in safe hands when learning how to gain even more personal impact.

You will be helped to move on, if you are ready to try the things we work with. But it does require an effort from you…

Personal coaching

We spend at least an hour on a face-to-face meeting and at least 30 minutes on a Skype meeting. If you require coaching at your home/place of work, we need at least two hours and reimbursement of parking and transport.


If your company would like a quote for coaching, please contact me to learn more about your options.

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