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Power up your personal expression

Learn presentation techniques which work!

There is no doubt that your personal impact and your ability to create relations will show you the path to success – for both you and your business.

This is the case when you have one-on-one meetings, when you speak at various internal presentations, and it is the case when you are the introductory speaker at various conferences and meetings. In short, getting this skill in the highest gear is to your advantage.

This session gives you tips and quick tricks to feed your frontal lobes with tools that stop your reptilian brain from taking over the stage for too long at a time. You will find out how to dissolve your edginess to let your charisma and your personal expression flow freely.

You will learn what most of us, quite unconsciously, do with our bodies when we are on stage, and not least, what wanted, and pretty importantly, not wanted signals you send to your audience.

This is all about making a good impression to make sure that your message hits the target. It is all delivered with a sense of humour, goods tories and more than 20 years of experience with the world of presentations.

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’Karin Krogh’s visit with Danish Business Women Dubai was instructive, intense and humorous. Karis has an ability to engage her audience at several levels  to give everyone a great experience. You leave with bag of tools that can be integrated directly into your everyday routines.’

Danish Business Women Dubai

’But Karin is incredibly inspiring and fantastic on stage, a wonderful charisma. When you have heard her presentation, you always leave with the feeling ’How hard can it really be to have a good and fun-filled working life? – Just do it!’

Marlena Dragheim, Novo Nordisk
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