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Become a better meeting advisor and create more business

Meetovation is a meeting concept that ensures value for money when investing in a meeting. Some meetings have a clear value, and the ROI is high. The meeting must be a valuable experience. It must leave an impression on the participants, who will then bring back value from the meeting or conference. “That is the only way for a meeting to have value.”

The Extended Meetovation Education will take the participants from knowledge to action. From knowing what to do to doing what they know. They will help their customers set clear objectives and, not least, implement them.

Participants will be certified as Meetovators and furthermore receive:

  • A personal DiSC behavioural profile
  • A strengthening of their personal impact
  • Tools for creating relations and sales
  • An insight into project management
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Objective and learning goals

KArin krogh

Participants understand and are able to work with Meetovation at all levels; based on this and on their own experience and knowledge they can enhance the customer experience.

KArin krogh

Participants will be able to create even better meeting and conference products; this will in the long term result in more customers, more loyalty and therefore more business.

KArin krogh

With more confidence and considerable personal impact, participants will be able to sell the Meetovation concept to both customers and in-house.

KArin krogh

Participants ensure that all aspects of what the conference venue/agency has to offer are used.


The objective of the Extended Meetovation Education is to enable participants to deliver an even better meeting product and master the content-related elements of Meetovation as described in the manifesto for Meetovation 3.0.

Participants will get their own DiSC behavioural profile and learn how to best communicate with the different types and with more confidence communicate with both customers and colleagues.

DiSC is one the world’s most used and recognized personal profile tools. It is successfully used in both large and small organisations to work in a goal-oriented way with recruitment, management, development, sales, negotiations, collaboration, team development and communication. In short: (practically) everything that concerns professional, human relations.

Furthermore, participants will learn how to link the possibilities that Meetovation gives them with the best possible benefits for their meeting and conference customers. They will be able to give highly qualified advice to customers regarding even more successful events by means of elements from Meetovation.

The education format will be based on the Meetovation principles. Participants will both learn and experience Meetovation. There will be continuous action that will create change and anchoring.

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Hear what Maria Lopes has to say about Extended Meetovation Education

hvem er meetivation for?


The participants on the Extended Meetovation Education are all in touch with customers who buy and book meetings, conferences and events, or they are meeting and event planners. They can work in a meeting and conference venue, have a more advisory capacity at an agency or work in a company.

uddan dig i Meetovation

Format and duration

One webinar

  • 1.5 hours 2 weeks before the training

Three days training

  • 1. day from 12.00 – 21.00
  • 2. day from 09.00 – 21.30
  • 3. day from 08.00 – 14.00

Two 45 minutes online personal advising sessions after the certification.

* The sessions may be used up to 2 months after completion of the certification.

Hvad koster meetovationuddannelsen

The financial side

The investment pr. participant is EUR 1.950 excl. vat incl. catering, personal DiSC-profile, documentation and a diploma. Accommodation is not included.

Extended Meetovation Education is supported by the Danish Hotel- og Restaurationserhvervets Kompetencefonde. If you are a member they cover DKK 140,- per hour per participant. Education time is 29 hours. See here if you can apply ’Hotel- og Restaurationserhvervets kompetencefonde’

Education content

Meetovator uddannelse


To make sure that we are able to evaluate the learnings and the impact of the Meetovation training, we kindly ask you to do a pre-evaluation before the seminar starts. This is the way we can document the ROI of the Meetovation training. It will be followed up by evaluation after the education days and also a few weeks after the certification.



All participants will receive a link to a DiSC behavioural profile that must be filled in before education start-up.



  • Introduction to the other participants
  • Introduction to the instructors
  • The Meetovation Story
  • Introduction to DiSC


The webinar will last 90 minutes and you will receive a link to join shortly before the start.



If you fail to plan – you plan to fail

That is one of the key elements in all meetings and events. This training is planned in every detail to both show and tell the elements of great meeting design. The focus is on how every single meeting and event can create value to the participants.

Why do we do/have meetings?

  • Meetings DNA
  • Learn to set clear objectives
  • Stakeholder demands

Working with the 5 Meetovation principles

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Local Inspiration
  3. Responsible Thinking
  4. Creative Setup
  5. Active Involvement

Generating Ideas

  • Association techniques in a creative environment

Interview Techniques

  • Active listening creates more sales

DiSC Behavioral Profiles

  • Knowing me – knowing you
  • Coping with difficult communication types
  • Strengthen your communication
  • Spot your client and create even better relations

All participants will fill out a comprehensive DiSC before the training.

Presentation Techniques

  • Empowering body language
  • Dramaturgy
  • Comfort zone

Project Management

  • Presentation of different tools
  • Mindmap
  • SWOT


Based on the training the participants will work with a case that will be the basis for the certification. There will be time to work on it during the training. The last day of the training will be dedicated to presenting these cases.



Participants that have their assignment approved will be given the certification as Meetovators. It will festive and acknowledging the hard work that has been done – and with a big hope for even better meetings and event in the future

certification meetovation education

Personal Advising

Participants will have access to 2 personal counselling sessions via Skype – each lasting 45 minutes. The sessions must be used before 2 months after the certification.




Karin Krogh, Creative Director, engaging meetings, demonstrates that good communication is the key to success. To obtain good results at events, to give great presentations and to create a great personal power. She has been working in this field for more than 20 years. She has been responsible for conferences, with among others Bill Gates and Michael Dell as keynote speakers. Karin is a certified Process Consultant, Facilitator and Meetovator.


Héctor A. Venegas, Managing Director, engaging meetings has worked in different leading positions in well renowned companies within the meetings and events industry for more than 20 years. Héctor has profound knowledge in interactive event technology and is an expert in the field of active involvement of participants. He has lived in more than 7 countries and has a good understanding of the participants needs beyond the language and culture barriers.

Please see for more information about the instructors and the work they do together.

Practical information

The Extended Meetovation Education will be conducted in English.

The instructors however are able to help you with translations to Danish, German, Spanish , French and Indonesian.

Dates for the next Extended Meetovation Education:


DiSC Test:




Personal Advising:

With the confirmation

19 February 2019 – last day

21 February 2019

7-9 March 2019

9 March 2019

Before 9 May 2019

Write to Karin or call +45 2248 4860 to hear about the next Extended Meetovation Training.


The next Extended Meetovation Education will take place in the amazing city of Barcelona – Stay tuned for more information about the venue.

Enrollment and cancellation

Enrollments must be sent to

Fee must be paid by invoice immediately after enrollment.

  • By cancellation up to 8 weeks before start, the entire fee will be reimbursed.
  • By cancellation up to 4 weeks before start, 50 % of the fee will be reimbursed.
  • By cancellation up to 2 weeks before start, there will be no reimbursement of fee.

Competence profile for the Meetovation Education

VisitDenmark has in a collaboration with leading organisations and businesses from the Danish meeting market taken steps to future-proof the Danish meeting concept, Meetovation. The project’s purpose is to ensure that Denmark in future holds a strong position too and can overcome the increasing competition in the international meeting industry and keep its current status and credibility. A significant part of maintaining this credibility comes through a clear connection between communication (marketing, branding and storytelling about Meetovation) and customers’, planners’ and participants’ experience with using Danish, certified Meetovation venues. To ensure this connection, an education for Meetovators has been developed with a focus on the following competences and learning goals.


Understanding Meetovation

Participants understand the Meetovation principles, their own company’s strategic initiatives regarding Meetovation and are able to explain these to customers and other meeting stakeholders with a focus on their benefit when using the Meetovation principles.

Understanding people

Participants can identify different types and understand the needs of different types of people as customers, meeting participants and meeting planners.

Understanding meetings

Participants must understand, reflect on, critically assess and discuss the acquired knowledge of meeting processes and dynamics.


Participants understand how trust is created and are able to work proactively with their own approach to others.


Participants will demonstrate that they through presence and curiosity are able to get all the way around a meeting and understand the customer’s recognized and hidden needs. This includes an identification of:

  • Meeting objective
  • Important stakeholders
  • Participant information (factual and affective)
  • Meeting process


Project management

Participants must be able to critically assess, select, combine and use chosen theories and methods to identify the customer’s needs and in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team define a project, plan and lead it towards success for the customer.

Design use

Participants are able to identify a need and in collaboration with a team head a design process that creates a unique product that in the best possible way matches the customer’s needs.


Participants can create a match between the customer’s needs and a designed solution, present it and counter and handle any disputed points.

Product understanding

Participants can identify and present their own products’ possibilities and unique selling points (USPs) with a focus on sustainability and local opportunities.
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