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Even more profitable meetings and conferences

Experience shows that 90 % of all meetings and conferences have no specific objectives. This is not very appropriate or valuable, but that is reality. This can put participants in hopelessly boring situations, where their only comfort is their smartphones. That is a waste of time – and a waste of money. But it does not have to be that way. Through relatively small adjustments, it is possible to engage the participants and achieve your goal.

Let Karin Krogh coach you and that way produce a larger ROI from your conferences and meetings.

Book Karin Krogh as facilitator for your meetings.

Make your meetings more beneficial – contact Karin

“Karin’s positive approach is so catching that you keep that feeling for a long time…”
– Etty Holgersen, IBM Club

“Karin has a naturally open and positive mind and leads everybody through with MUCH skill and humour. One of the best instructors I have ever experienced.”

– Annie Bidstrup, AL-Finans


A good facilitator raises the level of any event

As facilitator, Karin Krogh is sharp and disarming. Her catching personality makes the participants feel good, and she brings meetings and conferences ’home’ safely.

Furthermore, Karin is very experienced when it comes to compiling meeting content to give each participant the highest possible benefit from their participation. She knows how to connect the day’s presentations to create a main thread. The event, the organisers and the participants must all go without a hitch – that is the focal point of Karin Krogh’s way of working, no matter whether we are talking about a serious debate or a livelier event.

Contact Karin Krogh for a talk about how to solve your problem. Fees will be based on scope and are therefore individual.

Book Karin Krogh as facilitator for your meetings
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