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Create job satisfaction – it is profitable for both employees and the bottom line

Most people prefer to be happy. But this can sometimes be a bit complicated when assignments keep on coming, or bad communication and foolish conflicts are in the way. This can really rob you of your job satisfaction and make it difficult to hold your head up high.

This makes it important to focus on how to find job satisfaction and hold on to it. Both when things are running smoothly, and when they are slightly out of sync.

Qualified leaders, organisations, and companies know this! It makes sense to strengthen job satisfaction since there is no doubt that it will show on the bottom line. Happy employees generate happier customers, suppliers, and business partners. Loyalty increases, and customers buy more!

Book a lecture or a workshop on job satisfaction

This is what you will achieve:

Job satisfaction creates energy for every employee

  • More job satisfaction
  • More efficient employees
  • Greater loyalty
  • Less absence due to sickness
  • ….and The Happiness Model
Karin Krogh hjælper med arbejdsglæde

Job satisfaction makes employees even better at handling everyday stress. And it lowers absence due to sickness, too! In all respects this makes it an excellent idea to aim for more job satisfaction.

In a lecture or a workshop, participants will be given simple tools that enable them to kill non-constructive moaning and clear away conflicts to establish good relations and energy. Find inspiration to make job satisfaction an actual part of your working day. Participants will take home concrete working tools, among them the popular Happiness Model.

One thing is for sure ­– it’s smart as well as funny.

Bring job satisfaction into focus

NB: The poster is sold without frame.

Get your own Happiness Model


DKK 120,- excl VAT and freight

The Happiness Model poster spreads delight wherever it goes – invite it into your home

The idea for this poster arose during a talk at the pediatric ward at Herlev Hospital. They thought it would be a good idea to hang up the Happiness Model round about the wards. And it is a good idea, indeed. Just as it is a good idea to hang it in many other places where people pass by.

Karin Krogh’s motto is – Smart even though it’s funny.

The work involved with this poster has changed it to – Smart even though it’s art.

The question is whether one is enough?

Susan Lüth Hedegaard has created the work of art behind the model. Find more about her beautiful artwork here

Bubble bubble – we were happy when we left Karin’s workshop on creating joy in your work life

After that, we use the expression ‘Bubble’ – and we all know what it means. Every desk has its own Happiness Model, and I’ve noticed that everybody has a smile on their face when talking about the workshop. It was a great start to our 24-hour seminar, and it renewed our energy after a staggering year. Karin reaches our core – perhaps because she uses herself? It’s impossible not to trust her kind, trustworthy, and positive nature.

Margit Arper Larsen , TAC A/S

The Happiness Model hangs from my work lamp

The Happiness Model often gives me the ‘little kick’ I need to turn a tiresome or difficult situation into something positive. The Happiness Model hangs from my work lamp and gives rise to many a talk with colleagues about its message. I am just so pleased that I got to know it.

Kirsten Rask, Management Assistant, PA to Finn L. Meyer, KPMG

The Happiness Model is a positive kick in the butt

I like the Happiness Model. I see it as a positive kick in the butt that reminds me to take responsibility for my mood, actions and anything else that concerns me and my surroundings.

Rikke, nurse at a pediatric ward
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