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About Karin Krogh
Smart as well as funny!

It is important to me that learning something new or being inspired is fun-filled. And I will stubbornly insist on this at all events that I am a part of.

You can get far with a positive attitude

I view life in an optimistic and positive way and try to work with jobs and people that make me happy. Most of the people I meet tell me that it is catching.

Useful tools that can be transformed into action

This is not just words and ideas. It is important to me that the people, who participate in my lectures and workshops, are able to take something home with them and implement it directly into their everyday life.

Karin, the short version

  • She teaches, gives lectures, plans and coaches. The participants, and how they might benefit from the event, are always her starting point. Everything from how speakers should share their message to how to implement active participant involvement.

  • Furthermore, Karin is an award-winning facilitator and runs both programme and energy on courses and conferences with much enthusiasm and spirit.

  • Karin has headed both national and international conferences with, among others, Bill Gates and Michael Dell as keynote speakers. She has coached both professional lecturers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians and students.

  • She is an active speaker herself, has a geeky interest in all things related to presentations, and she has invented the ’Happiness Model’.

  • Karin has been awarded the Best Content Facilitator by MPI (Meeting Professionals International) Denmark, and she was President of MPI Denmark in 2015-2016.

  • She was one of the organizers behind the largest event based on the Meetovation principles so far, when EMEC16 (European Meetings and Events Conference) was held in Copenhagen in February 2016.

Good communication is the root of all things good.

More than 25 years of experience with good communication

Karin Krogh works with meetings and conferences at all levels.

For more than 25 years she has worked with job satisfaction, mediation, valuable events and greater personal power.


Karin has these certifications:

The process consultant education, PKU 2005.

The education develops competences and authority in various work roles as manager, consultant, project manager, conflict resolution expert and coach. There is a focus on group processes and the relation between the individual, the group and the organisation.

Read more

Certificeret som proceskonsulent

Positive Psychology: Strength-based Development – 2013

Through evidence-based knowledge of strengths, the starting point is the research into positive psychology.

Definite tools for the coaching of both individuals and groups are supplied.

When the focus is on the strengths it will produce positive results such as higher self-esteem and self-confidence, reduced stress, increased commitment and greater happiness.

Strength releases the thoughts, emotions and actions that are authentic and provide us with energy and drive.


Certified Meetovator 2015

Meetovation is a meeting design format developed by VisitDenmark. By designing meetings on the basis of the five Meetovation principles, you can achieve more benefit both at – and after – the meeting or conference itself.

Participants take home more knowledge than they would have done if the meeting had been organised as a ’classic’ meeting, which is often based on one-way communication from podium to participants. It is about maximising the benefit of the meeting in the shape of new learning and knowledge, the significance of of the physical environment and sustainable solutions.

After her certification, Karin Krogh has been approved as a Meetovator trainer through her Extended Meetovation Education.

Learn more about the Meetovation education from VisitDenmark


Mastering Moderation – 2015

Moderation or facilitation is a subject that may be learned through experience. It is all about interaction, interviews, group dynamics, moderating discussions and processes. Mastering Moderation is conducted by leading experts from Holland.

Read more about Mastering Moderation



A DiSC certification is aimed at those who work professionally and determinedly with HR through organisational development, employee and leadership development, conflict management, sales and recruitment. DiSC is one of the most widely used and recognised personal profile tools in the world. It is used worldwide with considerable success in both large and small organisations to work with recruitment, management, development, sales, negotiations, cooperation, team development and communication in a targeted way. In short: (practically) anything concerning professional, human relations.


MPI President Denmark Chapter 2015-2016

Meeting Professionals International is a global trade association for the meeting and event industry. There are more than 17,000 members worldwide. In Denmark it is MPI’s goal to ensure a continued professionalization of the Danish meeting industry and its practitioners through education, communication, personal networks and knowledge sharing.

Of all the European branches, MPI Denmark has the highest number of members and the best economy.

MPI International

Certificeret underviser

MPI Denmark – Meeting Professionals International

’I’m a very active member of MPI, the meeting industry’s mouthpiece and meeting place. Through members’ meetings both nationally and internationally I make sure that I stay updated when it comes to new initiatives in the industry. It’s pretty exciting! I’m President of MPI Denmark and really happy with the excellent team that I’m a part of.’

mpi awards 2015

MPI Award – Best Content Facilitator

Awarded to a person who has been able to lift the event’s content and thereby improve the experience for both participants and organiser.

Karin Krogh focuses on ’Meetovation’ and facilitation of processes with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. She sticks to the main thread, and her professionalism and commitment have  the ability to lift any mood from the podium. This makes the participants feel involved, and the results speak for themselves.


MPI Member of the Year

Is awarded to an MPI member, who throughout the year has drawn attention to herself in an extra positive way on the basis of a passion that creates productive results.

Karin Krogh, President Elect & VP Finance, contributes with a lot of energy and commitment to the work of the board. She participates and facilitates anything that her calendar will allow both at home and abroad. She is passionate and possesses a catching commitment that always brings out the best in people around her, and last, but not least, she is up-to-date in all matters concerning the industry.

’Thank you so much for a fantastic and very entertaining talk at ’Powerjobsøgerne’. With your energy and high spirits you know how to communicate your message in an excellent and educational way; and at the same time, participants take home a lot of laughter. I highly recommend you and your talk ’Udtryk, indtryk, aftryk’.

Pia Stefansen, Event Manager, Powerjobsøgerne

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